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Jason Voorhees @ Hard.Madness

Jason Voorhees vs Crazy @ Hard.Madness Special Set 

        Since my childhood, I've always loved music. At the age of 9, I played flute and saxophone. When I was 13 years old, I started to       develop my own taste for music and got crazy for metal and heavy metal music. My favourite bands these days were Nightwish, Gamma Ray and Slipknot. 

After a while my life has completely turned upside down when electronic music crossed my music-life path. And I remember that like it was yesterday, when I first heard a great track from Showtek - Color of Hardstyle. Since then I am one of the most faithful fans of harder styles of electronic music.

As the years passed by, I've been becoming more and more interested in faster rythms and harder kicks and tones of electronic music. So in 2010 I fell in love with hardcore music. My inspiration came from, in my opinion, the world's best DJ and producer Angerfist, and, of course, the rest of Masters of Hardcore team of great artists. 

Now, I am trapped in the world of hardcore forever! And for that, I have to thank my very close friend Crazy, for introducing me with hardcore music and teaching me how to mix. THX CRAZY !!!!

The name Jason Voorhees came on my mind when I started to think what I want to offer to my fans. And that is, the indestructible force which will lead my fans to the unlimited freedom of body, mind and soul, which will give them the power of letting all the anger and all the negatives out. To kill and slaughter all the bad things in human mind. To live forever with hardcore flame, burning deep inside our souls. Hardcore till we die!!! 

And so I've put on my mask and started to mass murdering all of you, motherfucking devils, hiding inside your headz! It is about time for retaliation for this angry world we live in!